The Pickle Two By Lobster

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Elevate your pickleball skills with The Pickle Two by Lobster! Advanced features, user-friendly design, and a superior training experience await. Upgrade now! 🏓✨

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Discover an upgraded pickleball training experience with The Pickle Two by Lobster. This top-notch machine is designed to bring you better features, improved performance, and amazing flexibility. Made in the USA, this machine reflects Lobster’s dedication to innovation and quality.

Here are some cool features and upgrades:

Advanced Elevation Control

Easily adjust the angle with the upgraded electronic elevation control. Fine-tune your shots effortlessly to match your playing style.

Extended Battery Life

Enjoy 6 to 8 hours of play on a single charge with the larger battery. No need to interrupt your training for frequent recharging.

Dynamic Ball Speed and Spin Options

Experience a challenging training session with ball speeds up to 60 mph. Master essential shots like dink, drive, lob, and groundstrokes with adjustable top and backspin.

User-Friendly Design

Transport the machine easily with features like an inverting hopper, folding handle, and large 8-inch wheels. Weighing only 42 pounds, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor pickleball.

Versatile Power Options

Choose the Pickle Two AC/DC model for the ultimate versatility. Play with or without a power outlet, and continue playing while charging. The all-electric Pickle Two AC is 8 pounds lighter and offers endless play.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Control

Get greater machine control with the Elite Remote. Shorten charging time with the Premium Fast Charger.


Custom Drills: none

Pre-loaded drills: none

Oscillation: random horizontal, 2-line

2-line function: narrow, wide, medium

Spin: top, back

Ball Speed: 10-60 mph

Feed rate: 2-12 seconds

Elevation: electronic, 0-50 degrees

Ball capacity: 125

Power: internal battery, external battery, ac, ac/dc

Court Time: 4-6 hours, unlimited

Standard charger: included

Remote: (optional) elite remote

Premium charger: optional

Weight: 42 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Product #: EL0P2

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