Lobster Phenom® Two Tennis Ball Machine

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Transform your tennis game with the Lobster Phenom® Two Ball Machine! Master precision and control, whether with pre-programmed drills or custom workouts. 🎾

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Lobster Phenom® Two Tennis Ball Machine

Make your tennis practice awesome with the Lobster Phenom Two Tennis Ball Machine! This top-of-the-line machine from Lobster Sports is made with the latest technology in the USA to give you the best training experience.

Key Features

Customizable Drills: Create your drills with 12 programs. Each program has 6 shots in 18 locations. You can adjust the speed, spin, and feed rate to match your game.

Pre-loaded Drills: Choose from 12 pre-loaded drills designed for different skill levels and playing styles. 

Versatile Oscillation: The machine can move randomly both horizontally (short, mid, baritone) and vertically (left, middle, right). 

Adjustable Spin, Speed, and Feed Rate: Change the spin with options for top and backspin. Ball speeds range from 35 to 80 mph. You can control the feed rate for a challenging training session.

Highball Capacity: The machine can hold 250 balls. You can practice for a long time without interruptions. 

Durable Construction and Warranty: The machine is sturdy, weighing 99 pounds for stability. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Additional Benefits:

Easy Assembly: It comes in two pieces for easy handling and assembly.

Optional Remote Control: You can get a remote control for added convenience.

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