Lobster Elite 1 Tennis Ball Machine

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Transform your tennis game with the Lobster Elite 1 Ball Machine! Elevate your skills with advanced features for a dynamic training experience. Invest in excellence today! 

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Boost your tennis skills with the Lobster Elite One Tennis Ball Machine, perfect for both new and intermediate players. This machine comes with cool features to make your training more fun and effective.

Special Training Features:

Random Moves Across the Court:

Practice your hits from all angles with the machine’s random side-to-side motion covering the entire court.

Unique 60-Degree Shots:

This battery-powered machine lets you train for overhead shots with its exclusive 60-degree lobs.

Speedy Balls:

Improve your reflexes by facing balls that travel at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, suitable for different skill levels.

Top and Backspin Choices:

Learn to handle various shots with the machine’s ability to create heavy top and backspin, giving you lots of flexibility.

“High Spin” at No Extra Cost:

The machine comes with an adjustable heavy top and underspin without any additional charges.

Versatile Power Options:

Battery Choices:

Use the built-in battery or go for the external battery option for easier transportation.

All-Electric Option:

Perfect for home courts or places with power access, ensuring uninterrupted training without worrying about battery charging.

Easy Charging Options:

Comes with a regular charger, and you can also get an optional remote and premium charger for extra convenience.

Strong and Guaranteed:

Built to Last:

Made in the USA, the Lobster Elite One is sturdy and reliable.

Warranty Assurance:

Covered by Lobster’s 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind for your investment


Custom Drills: none

Pre-loaded drills: none

Oscillation: random horizontal

2-line function: none

Spin: top and back

Ball Speed: 10-80 mph

Feed rate: 2-12 seconds

Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees

Ball capacity: 150

Power: battery, electric or combo

Court Time: 4-8 hrs, unlimited

Standard charger: included

Remote: included

Premium charger: optional

Weight: 42 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Product #: EL01

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