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Real Baseball Pitching Machine – Heater Sports


Get more bang for your buck with the Heater Sports Real Baseball pitching machine. One of the best value pitching machines, this machine can throw baseballs at speeds of up to 52 mph. This baseball pitching machine is perfect for players ages 12 and up, or for any pickup Sunday leagues. The Real baseball pitching machine can be plugged into any standard wall outlet, making setup easy and practicing even easier.

1/4 Horsepower motor

The powerful 1/4 horsepower motor throws baseballs at variable speeds up to 52 miles per hour.1/4 Horsepower Motor

Tilt Adjustment

With a simple tilt adjustment, you can also catch grounders and fly-balls.

Easy Plug & Play Design

Easily plug your Heater Sports pitching machine into any standard wall outlet and play ball! The Real Baseball machine also works with battery packs and generators.


Infield And Outfield Drills

Only have a few teammates to practice with? No problem! With this pitching machine, you are able to practice infield and outfield drills! Tilt the machine up to throw you some pop flies, or point it down and get better at fielding those grounders. Infield and outfield drills work great with somebody standing at the machine feeding it balls and changing the direction of the balls to keep your eyes sharp. Don’t settle for a pitching machine that only serves one purpose. Baseball is much more than that!

 Pitching Machine Convenience

Plug the Heater into any standard wall outlet, or third party battery packs may be available for convenience. You may also consider the Power Alley or Xtender Home Batting Cages so you can improve your hitting right in your own backyard.


Heater Sports Real Baseball Pitching Machine Field Practice with Batter


Pitching Machine Features

  • Throws Pop-ups, Line Drives, and Grounders
  • Infield & Outfield Drills
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Pitches Baseballs Up To 52 MPH
  • Fully Enclosed Wheel
  • Adjustable Pitch Height
  • Infield & Outfield DrillsTubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
  • Uses Standard A/C PowerBenefits
  • Adjustable Speed Control adjusts for a variety of pitch speeds
  • Fully Enclosed Wheel provides maximum safety
  • Automatic Feeder available for purchase
  • Strong Steel Legs for stability

Heater Real Baseball Machine Specifications

  • Model #: HTR6000BBCNBF – Without Ball Feeder
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • A/C Power
  • Recommended Ages: 8 years to Adult
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – One-Year Warranty
  • Real Baseball, Pitching Machine Ball, and Lite-Ball Pitching Machine


Download the Heater Sports Real Baseball Pitching Machine Instruction Manual Here!

Heater Sports Real Baseball Pitching Machine Instruction Manual

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 16 in


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