Heater Sports Basehit + Leather Pitching Machine Baseballs Package



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Heater Sports Basehit + Leather Pitching Machine Baseballs Package Deal

Is BP just not cutting it these days? It’s hard to rely on a decent pitcher to throw you some good pitches to keep your eyes sharp. Look no further, the Heater BaseHit Real Baseball Machine is the best pitching machine for kids!

With pitching capabilities up to 45 MPH, the BaseHit Real Baseball machine is great for kids from ages 5 all the way up to adults. BaseHit’s revolutionary design incorporates a fast spinning motor and small covered wheel to pitch balls with the world’s most compact pitching machine ever developed. This pitching machine is also capable of pitching at different speed variables, which is great for changing the pitches up and keeping the batter’s eye sharp. There is also a height adjustment feature for people of different heights. This compact pitching machine is lightweight and portable. Just plug and play!

Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine


Pitching Machine Features

  • Pitches Real Balls Up To 45 MPH
  • Pitches Lite Balls Up To 80 MPH
  • Adjustable Pitch Height & Speed Control Included
  • 12 Ball Automatic Feeder delivers a ball every 10 seconds
  • Throws Ground Balls, Fastballs, & Fly Balls
  • Fully Enclosed Air Filled Wheel For Safety
  • Uses Standard 110V Power
  • Comes with a pack of a dozen leather pitching machine baseballs

Download the Heater Sports BaseHit Pitching Machine Owner’s Manual Here!

BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine Owner's Manual


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