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Elite eHack Attack Pitching Machine for Baseball by Sports Attack


 The Elite eHack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine features an oversized 12-inch touchscreen monitor that lets you quickly navigate through the remarkably user-friendly software. You’ll be able to access our library of pitches through the standard default pitch selection or by saving a file of your favorite pitches and even pitch sequences. Manual mode allows you to create a library of custom pitching styles.


Use the Standard Pitch Selection on the Elite eHack (Preset/Default)

Standard pitch selection is the quickest way to get started and features eight instantly accessible pitches:

  • Fastball
  • Change-Up
  • Heater
  • Split Finger
  • Curveball (R and L)
  • Slider (R and L)

Customizable ball speed and ball spin across all of our standard pitches allow you to simulate any training drill and match pitches with the skill set of hitters at all levels. Effortlessly adjust the location of standard pitches within the strike zone or enlarged strike zone (two-strike count) for precise ball placement. Use the standard pitch presets or switch to manual mode to select and create any style of pitch by customizing the speed, location, and spin of the ball. Pitches in manual mode can be repeated or changed at any time.

Using Manual Mode with Your Elite eHack Pitching Machine

Manual mode transforms the Elite eHack Attack to function as a basic Hack Attack by granting you full access to each motor so you can develop pitches exactly how you want them. Individual pitch styles or pitch sequences can easily be saved to your favorites list for quick access on any occasion. Ball location can be instantly adjusted between pitches by simply using the arrows on the 12” touchscreen monitor.

Save Your Favorite Pitches

This mode lets you access all of your favorite pitches in one place. As you perfect the pitches that you create, you can save them under your ‘Favorite Pitches’ from both the manual mode and the standard pitches screen. The favorites folder can hold up to 20 customized pitches at any time, giving a wide range of pitches that can be immediately accessed whenever you need them.

The favorite pitches screen is more than just a folder to save your custom pitches too. When you are on the favorites screen, you will be able to alter the spin, speed, and location of the ball and update it to your saved pitches in the favorites folder. To quickly and easily pick up where you left off the last time you used your machine, the favorites screen gives you the option to return to the last pitch you were practicing with prior to powering down the pitching machine during your previous session. Using the ‘Last Pitch’ option means you will never miss a beat!

Elite e hack attack programmable pitching machine programs

Create and Save Your Favorite Pitch Sequences with the eHack Attack

The Elite eHack pitching machine doesn’t stop at just your favorite pitches. Save a sequence of up to 10 unique pitches from your library for easy practice. Quickly access an entire sequence of pitches on your favorite sequences screen to challenge your hitting mechanics or replicate the pitches of a specific pitcher

Practicing with your favorite sequences is not just a repetitive series of pitches, either. There are four sequence cycles that you can use to mix things up:

  • Auto-cycles through the list of pitches in the order in which you saved them in the sequence
  • Repeat – cycles through the list of pitches in the order in which you saved them and will continue to repeat the sequence over
  • Random – cycles through the list of pitches in a randomized order
  • Manual – cycles through the list of pitches in any order you choose; change the sequence order via the favorite sequence screen

Managing a sequence is simple, too. If you decide that you don’t like a particular pitch in your sequence after you have already created it, you will still be able to modify that pitch’s speed, spin, and location to fit your preferences perfectly. Once the pitch has been modified, you can then resave it within the sequence without any hassle.

Elite eHack Attack Pitching Machine for Baseball Front View ABCA Tradeshow

Versatile Utilities & Settings

The Elite eHack Pitching Machine comes with an extensive array of utilities and settings to cater to all of your specific pitching requirements. From user interface adjustments to pitch skill level changes to the high portability and utility of the Elite eHack Pitching Machine, you can rest assured that this unit will be able to operate perfectly aligned with your needs.

Enjoy access to a wide variety of features that you can manage within the machine settings and utilities:

  •  In settings, please select your desired pitch skill level for any of our standard pitches; choose between youth or adult skill levels.
  • Adjust the machine interface settings. Change the speedometer reading from MPH to KMH, select and change your preferred language, schedule automatic shutdown time, and adjust the buzzer volume and screen brightness.
  • Add a Screen Lock-Out option: in settings, create a password-protected barrier for authorized access to the machine operations.
  • Run machine diagnostics and find error code definitions in utilities.
  • Find and download any software updates in the utilities tab.
  • Use the pitch counter in utilities to track the total number of pitches thrown over the machine’s lifetime.

High-Quality, Portable Pitching Machine Design

The Elite eHack Pitching Machine is designed with 3 wheels, ensuring that you can maintain clear vision of the pitch throughout the entire feeding motion, acceleration, and ball release, letting the hitter see the angle of release and location to better time their stride.

The Elite eHack also has a sturdy and dependable construction:

  • Wide tripod base for safe stability on pitching mounds or any baseball playing surfaces
  • High tensile, heat-treated alloy and weather-resistant aluminum casting throwing head protects the pitching mechanism and machine operator.
  • Powder-coated steel frame with rust-proof application provides years of use.

It’s weighted enough to absorb recoil and ensure accuracy but is also extremely portable. Quickly move the unit by simply tilting it, removing the legs from the sockets, and rolling it on the two heavy-duty transporting wheels.

Elite eHack Attack Pitching Machine for Baseball Side View


 Download the Elite eHack Attack Instruction Manual Here!

Elite eHack Attack Pitching Machine for Baseball Instruction Manual



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