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The Pitching Pad™

The Pitching Pad™ takes training back to the basics. It’s not just another pitching screen. The Pitching Pad™ is a complete system designed to make pitching workouts more effective.

By using the markings on The Pitching Pad™ as reference points, a player can better develop and hone pitching skills. The strike zone is quartered, with each area identified by bright colors. The numbers on the Pad are arranged in a clock-like fashion, providing easily identified targets throughout the zone. These pad markings provide a means for exact focus on location and facilitate quick adjustments.

Utilizing The Pitching Pad™ results in workouts that are more efficient and effective. The Pitching Pad™:

  • is perfect for baseball or softball.
  • is appropriate for all ages and development levels, from tee-ball to professional.
  • eliminates the need for a catcher.
  • is quality built with heavy-duty materials so it will last for many seasons.
  • can be attached to most fences, nets, or field screens.
  • has thick inner foam that prevents damage (excluding the travel version).
The Pitching Pad™ (Padded Versions) Insta


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