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Weighted Baseball

With proper use, weighted baseballs can be an effective tool for increasing the throwing velocity of a regulation weight baseball. A number of training studies have been conducted using underload/overload baseballs utilizing a large range of weight variations (4oz to 17oz with most being 5 ounces +/- 20%). In general terms, overload-weighted balls (more than 5oz) are thought to increase arm strength while underload-weighted balls (less than 5 ounces) are considered to increase arm speed.

The heavy focus on specific weights led Oates Specialties to create weighted balls constructed of high-quality synthetic leather. This material gives the feel of a regulation baseball while protecting the weight integrity of the ball that can result from moisture absorption. The TAP™ Weighted Baseballs are offered in twelve weights and are available individually, allowing the purchase of weights specific to an individual need, or in one of three sets. The TAP™ Weighted Baseball Set 1 is a five-ball set and the lightest of the three weighted baseball sets offered by Oates Specialties consisting of 3oz, 5oz, 7oz, 9oz, and 11oz weights. The TAP™ Weighted Baseball Set 2 consists of 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz balls. The TAP™ Weighted Baseball Complete Set is a ten-ball set of all weights, 3oz-12oz.


  • Ideal for baseball-specific overload and underload training
  • Enhance mechanical efficiency
  • Effective tool for increasing arm strength
  • Improve arm speed
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Durable synthetic leather cover


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