Batter’s Eye Windscreen



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Batter’s Eye Windscreen for Baseball or Softball

Elevate your game with our batter’s eye. Enjoy a crystal-clear field of vision, allowing batters to track the ball with ease and precision. Experience improved pitch recognition, enabling your team to make better-informed decisions at the plate.

Say goodbye to distractions and gain a competitive edge by keeping the focus solely on the game. With our batter’s eye, wild pitches are a thing of the past, boosting confidence and batting averages. Unleash your team’s potential and create a home field advantage like never before.

Batters Eye Benefits

  • Crystal-clear field of vision for enhanced ball tracking and visibility
  • Improved pitch recognition for better-informed decisions at the plate
  • Minimize distractions and maintain focus on the game
  • Eliminate wild pitches and increase confidence at the plate

Batters Eye Features

  • Heavy-duty reinforced hems with brass grommets at 18″ intervals
  • Lacing lips are sewn throughout the cover, not just perimeter edges
  • Material options (PP100, PP85, VCM or Armor Mesh)

Price is per square foot.

Please order your desired quantity per square foot and let us know your preferred dimensions. You can email us at or call us at 888-466-0009


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