Junior Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine
Junior Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine
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Junior Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine



Designed for Developing Talent The Junior Hack Attack softball pitching machine is meticulously crafted to cultivate the skills of aspiring young players, fostering a foundation of excellence in their softball journey.

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New Three-Wheel Design for Better Ball Visibility:

The Junior Hack Attack comes with a special three-wheel design that makes it easy to see the ball throughout the entire pitching process. It means players can follow the ball smoothly from the moment it’s loaded into the machine to when it’s thrown, giving them a realistic experience similar to facing a live pitcher.

Key Features:

Tailored Learning:

Built for young, serious players, the Junior Hack Attack focuses on the basics of softball, emphasizing skill development and technique.

Enhanced Vision:

The design prioritizes better vision, which is important for young hitters in the early stages of skill development. 

Benefits for Young Players:

Effective Striding:

Observing the pitcher’s release angle helps in making precise strides, a critical part of successful hitting. 

Vision Development:

The emphasis on ball visibility supports the development of strong visual acuity. Young players can improve their ability to track the ball, an essential skill for successful hitting.

Efficient and Portable Design:

Quick On/Off Field Movement:

The Junior Hack Attack’s tilting and unsocketing mechanism, along with heavy-duty transporting wheels, ensures swift movement on and off the field.

Enhanced Safety:

Front-wheel guards prevent throwing wheels from touching the ground.

Exceptional Pitching Machine Quality:

Sturdy Construction:

The Junior Hack Attack is designed to absorb recoil for accuracy while remaining easily portable.

Stability and Safety:

The extra-wide tripod base ensures stability on pitching mounds or softball playing surfaces, prioritizing player safety.

Durable Materials:

High tensile, tough heat-treated alloy and weather-resistant aluminum casting protect the throwing head and mechanism from wear

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