Field Saver Infield Protector – 14 oz. Vinyl Coated Mesh



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Baseball Infield Protector for Batting Practice

Protect your turf or grass during batting practice with our heavy-duty mesh infield covers. Our infield protectors are constructed with durable vinyl-coated mesh fabric, making them a great long-term option. They can withstand baseball cleat traffic and are available in various colors to match your facility.

Our two-piece collar protectors save your infield turf from cleat damage, allowing your team to practice without worrying about damaging the field. The infield protector protects the grass against choppers and ground balls, maintaining your field in game-day condition.

Infield Protector Benefits

  • Collars Protect Against Cleats: Two-piece collar protectors help safeguard the infield turf from cleat damage during batting practice, allowing you to use the game field without worries.
  • Infield Protectors Defend Against Ground Balls: Protect the turf and grass from damage caused by choppers and ground balls during batting practice by using an infield protector, ensuring the field remains game-ready.
  • Hemmed and Grommeted Edges: The collars and protectors feature durable edges that are hemmed and grommeted for long-term stability. Keep them securely in place using the included turf staples.
  • Custom Colors and Sizes: Choose from in-stock standard sizes in Forest Green and Navy Mesh, or customize the collars and protectors to match your preferences or specific patterns.
Field Saver Infield Protector - 14 oz. Vinyl Coated Mesh



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